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UCanSpeakForMe Bookmarker, Inc.​​​

ways we get the message out to help families

The phrase “funny how time flies when your having fun” is only partially true. There is no real fun when a parent has lost their child to senseless violence. There are only memories. These past 8 years have flown by when we reflect back on the hard work to create awareness amongst our fellow neighbors to hear the message of “Stop The Violence”.

Since 2007 UCanSpeakForMe has tried to expand this message by stepping out on the faith that someone will hear.  Someone will step forward.  Someone will keep the “wave” of this message going from one community to another. UCanSpeakForMe has believers like the Cincinnati Police Department, Hamilton County Prosecutors Office, County Judges, not to mention the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. We have worked hard to be worthy of their trust and confidence.

Early on UCanSpeakForMe expanded it’s push to become more media involved. Newspaper articles, television news coverage, and interagency co-operative projects. Our signature book markers and cold case posters are in three times the number of locations as 3 years earlier. We have reached out to new families affected by violence, but we have encountered a doubling of clients with cases that have not been solved and looking for direction. 

We continued on the success of our now annual “National Crime Victims’ Rights Week” a two day event called “The Summit” held in April. Law enforcement officials, crime scene investigators, doctors, County Prosecutors, as well as representatives from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office have shared their time and expertise to concerned community attendees and our client families. In September UCanSpeakForMe promoted one of it’s boldest campaigns in recent memory. We held a candlelight rally, for only one hour, standing on different blocks in different communities, and simply asked our neighbors to stop killing one another for one 24 hour period. Just ........... stop killing each other for one day.

In December, in cooperation with the Cincinnati Police Department, we held a news conference unveiling a series of cold case posters that are focused on individual Cincinnati communities where homicide victims lived. In most cases local community folk know about one another. The faces on these posters are of murder victims who may have been their friends or neighbors. With the incentive of CrimeStoppers cash reward for information leading to an arrest, District officers are hoping these tools will bring clues and justice to grieving families. 

All year long UCanSpeakForMe sponsors rallies, vigils, monthly support meetings for families, and provide assistance with finding additional outreach services when needed.  In the coming months we want to do more, but we need your help.  Become involved with our activities and programs. Volunteer a portion of your time to pass out posters or book markers at different events.  Attend our monthly meeting or come with someone who you think would benefit from knowing they are not along.  Call us to see if we can match your skills and time to a very fulfilling service.

Our  new “Justice League” online newsletter will begin again in the first quarter of  2016. Members will receive automatic updates of UCanSpeakForMe workshops, events, and newsletters. New to our website will be monthly video updates directly from the Founder and CEO of UCanSpeakForMe. Also, if you are an avid social media person check us out on Facebook.

The local media has afforded our agency a platform to present our message and that of families that are in search of justice. Join us in 2015-2016 to spread the message of “Stop The Violence”.