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No one can prevent crime except by individual choices.  But when crime occurs the authorities want to find the guilty.  Families want justice.  The process can be complicated.

My name is Hope Dudley.  My son was the 55th homicide victim in the City of Cincinnati in September 2007. 

He was a passenger in a car riding with friends when he was violently and brutally murdered in a drive by shooting.  The driver and other passengers claimed that they did not see anything.

Since no one came forward, I began to put out flyers and wrote letters to bring attention to this crime. My hope is that someone would step forward with information leading to an arrest.  Part of the media vision was the creation of the “UCanSpeakForMe Bookmarker”.  While consulting with Cincinnati Detectives I got the idea to  place them in churches, Public Libraries, stores, and incarceration facilities to generate conversations which could lead to solving my son’s and other cold cases.

Becoming proactive to make things happen concerning my son’s case. More important stepping forward to let the person or persons who killed my son know that I’m not going away.

Following that vision, I began to write anyone who would listen including law enforcement agencies, the Mayor of Cincinnati, the Governor of Ohio, state officials, television and radio stations to seek their support in placing these book markers in different locations. 

Later in 2008, because of my efforts to help solve my son’s murder law enforcement officials unveiled a statewide pilot project using posters fashioned after my book marker concept featuring unsolved murder cases from the Cincinnati area that are now posted in many locations in Southwestern Ohio.

Since that August press conference unveiling the poster campaign local television news shows have done stories and newspapers have featured articles about my book markers and my quest to solve my son’s murder. The greatest gift from theses series of events over the past year and a half has been that God has allowed me to be a blessing to other parents lost in their grief from similar situations.

We invite everyone who is connected to the loss of a family member through violence or concerned community members and neighbors to attend our regular monthly meeting.  The meetings are held at our Springdale offices and/or at Bethel Baptist Church, 2712 Alms Place in Walnut Hills.  Please call 513-404-3063 for monthly locations.The meeting will begin at 5:30 pm to 7:30pm.  The Pastor and members of Bethel Baptist have been a blessing and supportive partner through their generosity of providing a meeting facility.  They truly understand the need for the community to come together and share their voices about the senseless crime affecting our young adults.

Explore our web site and learn how you can participate in UCanSpeakForMe’s mission of helping families find justice.  Coming soon our site will offer updated information about new crimes and unsolved cold cases.  There’ll be a place for you to leave messages of compassion for families who are grieving.  Also, there will be a new page called our “Did You Know Drop Box” allowing site visitors to leave clues or new information about cases anonymously.

Soon you will be able to connect with UCanSpeakForMe by becoming a member of our “Justice League”. Members will receive automatic updates of UCanSpeakForMe workshops, events, and newsletters. Also, there’ll be ways for the community to become philanthropic in supporting our mission.

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