Cincinnati Families Continue To Search For Closure................

​​"See Something Say Something"

Reach Out: Work with families in your community and make a difference

There are many different ways to help families understand the many emotions to find closure, and options to work with local authorities to seek justice lawfully. Two organizations leading the way is UCanSpeakForMe and Cincinnati CrimeStoppers.

A large part of the activism of UCanSpeakForMe comes in the form of showing families how to work with the media to keep that search for justice in the public eye.

UCanSpeakForMe's CEO, Hope Dudley, appeared on a local program to discuss the sadness of grieving families, and efforts to get out the "Stop The Violence" message.


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This is a story about a mother's last out pouring expression of grief over the lost of her child to senseless violence.


Cold Case Cards

UCanSpeakForMe is being innovative with creating playing cards that inform and make you think.


Reach Out: Work with families in your community and make a difference

We Must Continue To Speak Out

No one can prevent crime except by individual choices.  But when crime occurs the authorities want to find the guilty.  Families want justice.  The process can be complicated.

My name is Hope Dudley.  My son was the 55th homicide victim in the City of Cincinnati in September 2007.

Our Mission

Reach Out

Work with volunteers in your community and make a difference

For more than 8 years, UCanSpeakForMe Bookmarker, Inc. has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the families affected by needless crime.

Find out how you can contribute to the future of  a family in need of a voice by volunteering your time to UCanSpeakForMe's events and speaker's forums.


for peace

UCanSpeakForMe is continuing to lead the way helping families seek justice lawfully.

The latest batch of  Cold Case Cards were delivered to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department recently by CEO and Founder Hope Dudley.

If you missed some of our activities click on the read more page and view some of the ways we work to help client families. Staying involved with other Hamilton County agencies opens doors for our families to participate in a variety of services.

This is suppose to be a festive time of the year for families. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all are traditions that bring family members near and far together for a celebration. As the holiday seasons approach, UCanSpeakForMe families are again faced with a empty chair at the dinner table. For some the loss of child or close relative may have been months ago. Maybe an open investigation still has not been solved for some years. The memories and the pain of that loss are still fresh.

We at UCanSpeakForMe would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Ohio Attorney General's Office (the Victims Crime Section), Cincinnati Police Department, the Hamilton County Sheriff and Prosecutor's Offices, and other local agencies for their courageous support in 2016. A special thanks to the local Cincinnati media that has given a voice to UCanSpeakForMe families.

Let's continue to work together in 2017 to Stop The Violence and seek justice for families affected by senseless crime.


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Join our postings and conversations on Facebook and Twitter. Share your story and add your voice to the thousands of others calling for the senseless violence to our youth to stop. Watch our television news stories highlighting how we help families.

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UCanSpeakForMe Bookmarker, Inc.​​​

ceo honored with Ohio social justice award


​The above news story was produced by WLWT-TV Cincinnati, Ohio.
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All of the local media has worked with our organization to provide information to families about our services.

"If we are quiet then the community is quiet. So we want them to know that we are standing out here saying Stop The Violence in our community. No more names no more lives"............ Hope Dudley

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Locally, and within the State of Ohio, UCanSpeakForMe Bookmarker, Inc. is a vocal advocate for families grieving because they have lost a loved one to a violent crime. Read how we help families in need.

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